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Even with all the newbies...

...there's a bunch of people I've known at Big Y (many for quite some time)that are either still there, or have come back for winter break.

It's nice being able to strike up a conversation with old friends - even nicer, when it's as though that conversation never ended...

Little things, y'know? I never realized how much I missed them in worcester, but - well, it's good to be back.

I like being able to chat it up with, I don't know, say, Amanda, about conspiracies, or the latest headlines in the scandal sheets, or the freakish kid from the learning channel (who can [apparently] see ghosts [really!]), or Corey about the LPST, or share stories over the loot we got for xmas, or a new favorite movie...

Nothing particularly important, or meaningful, (just the same old crap we always used to ramble on about :p) but that's not the point.

Oddly, this isn't the case with a certain (slightly misguided) boothie - I haven't quite put my finger on the cause yet (maybe something to do with the fact we haven't talked in months?) but whatever the reason, I don't like it :( I mean, most of my other Big Y friends seem, if nothing else, glad to see me...

I'm not a big fan of being reduced to small talk ("How's GCC treatin' ya?" Isn't exactly my favorite conversation starter), and I've got about 3 weeks to change it. How? I'm not sure - yet. (Maybe, just maybe it'll have something to do with... ~trails off~ )

Meanwhile, I've got a fresh new copy of Pearl Jam's Rearviewmirror ready to be ripped onto my hard drive.
(For those of you wondering, yes, I actually DID buy the physical CD - for once - I know, GASP! right? ;)

Until next time...
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