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Daka fire alarm - now there's a new one ;)

What is it with this school and fire alarms? Saturday was a 5:30am one (which, as far as fire alarms go, sucked - as I ended up not getting to bed until 3:30am as it was), one earlier this week (or so I've been told; I was working, so I wouldn't know), and another one today.

Today's fire alarm was alittle different though - still equally as annoying, but this time, instead of waking us all up at some god-only-knows hour, we ended up having one go off in daka. Of all places! (I guess I didn't really want that mini cheesecake anyway :p)

At least this time the fire alarm going off didn't come as the result of some ass-clown spraying the fire extinguishers...

Whoever is stuck cleaning the tables is going to have their work cut out for them - as nobody bothered putting their trays back (then again, we probably weren't supposed to, as we all left daka as soon as we heard the fire alarm going off)

Is Daka a fire trap? Will this become a common thing? Who knows?

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