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"Due to Inclement Weather..."

...Remember how after every snow storm, every school kid would anxiously wait by the radio, eagerly anticipating the school closings, in hopes that he or she wouldn't have to go? Or the sudden rush of happiness after hearing that their school, had in fact, been closed?

Some things never change :p That is, on account of the blizzard (yep, almost 2 feet of snow DEFINATELY qualifies as blizzard material), FSC has been cancelled - already, even though it's only Sunday.

Granted, I'm not jumping up and down about it (as I would've done, say, 10 years ago [gack I feel old!]), but it's like a 3 day weekend, so I'm not complaining.

Truth is, what it comes down to is this: a day without classes, a day without having to worry about my Discrete Math quiz, a day w/o having to bother finishing my HW (yet - I will still), and most of all... An alarm clock free day :)!

Between no classes, and not having to work until 5, I'm not even going to bother setting it.

Meanwhile, given my new found day off from classes, I have some free time on my hands, and alot of zombies, err, "villagers" to kill...

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