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Break? What break?

Winter break, unfortunately, is all but over - and I'm going back to the burg soon...

How soon? Well, seeing as I could've gone as early as yesterday, I think the answer is ASAP. Realistically though, as I have nothing packed yet, it's looking like sometime tmrw (Tuesday) - when I wake up.

I'm going to pack everything tonight (honest!) that is, as soon as 24's over ;)

A cynic might call 24 a soap opera for guys - I prefer to call it twisted, dark, and disturbing (translation: VERY fun to watch!)

It's fun seeing what they (Fox/Imagine Entertainment) can get away with on network TV...

[For those keeping track, 1 good guy has died, 2 major characters have been kidnapped, 1 guy got shot in the kneecap, 1 17yr old got poisioned, some 4 cars have been blown up, 3 random [and otherwise nameless] office workers have been offed, 1 schizophrenic girl has surfaced, 2 tables have been kicked, and 1 convenience store has been held up - (BY THE HERO!) ]

Anyway, I digress - back to the Burg; a modest 4 classes [for now] (one guaranteed pain in the arse - Discrete Math - [yech!], one pratically guaranteed good class - Basic Finance - [Prof. Wellens, part deux - yay!], one interesting, if outdated, Business Programming Class [COBOL? Does anyone really use that anymore :p?], and one Soch class that's anyone's guess [but, certainly can be no worse than the hell that was Dr. A. Kenneth Wilson's Principles of Soch class @ GCC]).

As for the dorm situation, the $64,000 question: is my roomie (Castro) coming back? If so, will he be adjusted to the "college life" as compared to last semes? If not, will I get a new roomie?

Stay tuned!

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