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Happy New Year!

Yea, yea - so I'm a few days late in wishing everyone a happy new year... Or am I? Well, technically, no - as 2005 is still a "new year" - even though its a week and 1/2 into it :p (Ha ha - I win!)

I WAS going to come up with a poll as to what you made for new year's resolutions, but I got kinda lazy - so, I'll just flat out ask - what are your New Year's Resolutions (if any)?

Mine? You really wanna know mine? Honestly? Take a guess... (Here's a hint - it came after yet another lame sit-at-home-watching-dvds pathetic excuse for a New Year's Eve)

That's right - no more lame, joyless, and downright boring New Year's Eves for this slightly neurotic (moi?) cineaphile; I'm not exactly sure how, but I can't stand another New Year's Eve sitting on my arse eating pie (or whatever it was I was gorging myself on - I don't remember), being senselessly bored, watching the ball drop as the rest of my family is fast asleep - no more, I swear it!

On a totally unrelated note, one week and counting 'till I go back to FSC - and being the last minute kind of guy that I am (will I EVER learn?) I still haven't finished registering for my classes yet. I'm not too worried, as I'm going there (FSC) tmrw to get all that squared away...

Anyhoo, I have a CanadaPost express van to stalk (err, look for ;) ) - as I'm getting really annoyed at having to use my sister's (Inferior!) PC, because the cable to my video card broke (so what if it was my own fault - pfffttt)

Speaking of stuff breaking, I really should get my passenger side mirror fixed sometime (duct tape only works so long...)

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